The Certified Franchise Advisor™ (CFA) Course

"Experience, Expertise, and Excellence: The Triple Threat of the CFA Course"

  • Designed and taught by Dr. Robert A. Needham, a seasoned executive with over 35 years of experience as a business and franchise leader, advisor, and innovator.
  • Backed by his vast knowledge and expertise, developed through degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science, a Juris Doctor, and a PhD in Business Administration.
  • Renowned as an expert in business, franchising, forensic analysis, and technology, and has worked with hundreds of brands in over 90 different franchise segments.
  • Published author with a book, white papers, blogs, TV and radio shows, and internet shows in the franchise community, making him a recognized thought leader.
  • Certified as an Instruction Systems Designer (ISD) and has successfully designed webinars and courses in multiple industries.
    A veteran of the U.S. Air Force and NASA, showing his dedication to excellence in every aspect of his life.
  • The CFA Course not only provides top-notch education and valuable insights but also offers the opportunity to learn from a highly experienced and esteemed industry professional like Dr. Needham.
  • The Course builds a solid foundation in franchising through Instruction Systems Design (ISD), ensuring graduates are equipped with the necessary skills and abilities to excel in the industry.
  • With a focus on practical application and real-life scenarios, the CFA Course sets itself apart from industry standard courses by providing a more comprehensive and hands-on learning experience.

The Certified Franchise Advisor (CFA) program is a comprehensive course designed to take consultation in the franchising industry to the next level. With a specialized focus on strategy and wealth building, this program utilizes Instruction Systems Design (ISD) to equip graduates with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to excel in the field.

Don't miss the chance to learn from the best in the business and enhance your knowledge and skills through the CFA Course. Sign up now and be one step closer to achieving your franchising goals.

*** We have funding in place consisting of low monthly payments for the course!!!


Why Become a CFA?

Discover Your Potential with the Premier Certified Franchise Advisor Course Looking to embark on an exciting and lucrative career in the franchise industry?

Look no further than the Certified Franchise Advisor™ program.

Here's why this course stands out from the rest:

  • A comprehensive curriculum that delves into the 5 key areas of franchising, giving you a competitive advantage in the job market.
  • Diversify your career options with potential roles in franchise development, consultancy, sales, and brand management.
  • Differentiate yourself as a CFA with Instruction Systems Design (ISD) training and certification. 
  • Unlock the potential for wealth-building while helping others achieve their business dreams. 
  • Close more deals and increase your success rate with our proven 7-step sales protocol. 
  • Engage with premium, well vetted candidates, leading to a higher return on investment. 
  • Join a community of highly qualified and experienced franchise professionals, led by renowned expert Dr. Needham. 

At the Certified Franchise Advisor Program, we take consultation to a whole new level. 

Our focus on strategy and wealth-building will give you a competitive edge in the industry and open up numerous career and revenue opportunities. As a CFA graduate, you will have the knowledge and skills to elevate yourself as a leader and expert in the franchising world. With our emphasis on utilizing Instruction Systems Design (ISD) and a proven 7-step sales approach, you will stand out from traditional brokers and consultants in the industry.

Join our community of successful CFAs and gain access to ongoing support and resources to continue your professional growth. Take your passion for franchising to the next level and enroll in the Certified Franchise Advisor Course today. With our top-notch curriculum and expert-led instruction, you will become a sought-after professional in this exciting and dynamic field.

Your future in the franchise industry starts here. Are you ready to unlock your potential? 


*** We have funding in place consisting of low monthly payments for the course!!!



About the Course

Are you looking to enter the world of franchising or take your career in franchising to the next level?

The Certified Franchise Advisor™ (CFA) Course is the perfect choice for ambitious individuals like you.

This dynamic and powerful 3-part program offers a comprehensive understanding of the industry, combined with practical skills and hands-on experience. As a potential CFA student, here's what you can expect from this course:

  • Unlock Your Potential: The CFA course goes beyond a basic overview of the franchising world and provides you with the knowledge and skills to thrive as a franchise development specialist, consultant/coach, sales advisor, supplier, and brand manager.
  • Cutting-Edge Curriculum: From Industry Overview to Prospecting Techniques, Franchise Funding Concepts, and Advanced Markets, Strategy, and Evaluation, our curriculum is designed to give you a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of franchising.
  • Real-Life Application: The CFA program uses Instruction Systems Design (ISD) to teach practical knowledge, skills, and abilities that are measured through an exam. This means you'll be equipped with the tools and techniques to excel in the industry. 
  • Time-Efficient Learning: With 50 to 100 hours of class and study, the CFA Course is designed to fit into your busy schedule while providing a comprehensive learning experience.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams: The CFA Course opens up multiple career opportunities and potential revenue streams for your business, making it a valuable investment in your professional development.

Don't settle for a basic overview of franchising. Take your career to the next level with the Certified Franchise Advisor™ (CFA) Course and become a highly sought-after expert in the industry.

Enroll today and start your journey towards success in the franchising world.


The Certified Franchise Advisor™ (CFA) Course


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