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Updated March 1, 2023

All contents of NationalFranchiseAssociation.com (the “Websites”) are the property of National Franchise Association, LLC (“NFA”) and may be subject to copyright © – all rights reserved.

The Websites are for public use by our Members. Membership is FREE. However, some Members may elect to upgrade their Membership to either Featured or Preferred. By choosing the Membership upgrades you will be paying us a monthly advertisement and promotional fee. This fee is earned each month as we provide exposure to guests and Members of our Websites. Access to our Websites is subject to our exclusive right and we may refuse and content submission by Members at any time.

Content providers and NFA Media authors, publishers, producers, directors, actors, and all others who are associated with our content whether linked to our published is their views and opinions and do not necessarily reflect on NFA, our Members, or our Officers and Directors.

By your continued use of the Websites and becoming a Member, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless NFA, its employees, officers, directors, affiliates, advertisers, suppliers and vendors. NFA disclaims any responsibility or liability for any action or inaction taken by any published content or advertiser on the Websites. We do not claim any warranty of merchantability, suitability, fitness of purpose, or commercial liability. If you choose to do business with anyone from our Websites, you agree to accept responsibility for your actions and not claim liability on NFA’s part. Hence, buyer beware. You unconditionally waive all claims of direct, special, consequential damages from the use of these Websites or interaction with Members who are independent of NFA.

WE DO NOT OFFER LICENSED PROFESSIONAL ADVICE AS AN ATTORNEY, CPA, OR FIANCIAL PROFESSIONAL. DUE DILIGENCE IS REQUIRED ON YOUR PART. WE ONLY PROVIDE INFORMATION. By your use of the Website, you agree to accept all liability for your decisions to use its content. The Franchise Industry is governed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC.gov). Disclosures, advice, and opinions made by Franchisors, Franchisees, Brokers, Consultants, Advisors including Certified Franchise Advisors (CFA), Suppliers, and Vendors are theirs and not NFA. You are instructed to seek licensed professional advice, read all you can from government and third-party websites and do your due diligence before you buy any product, service, or business.

Refund Policy. NFA agrees that within the first 30 days, should a Member request a REFUND we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on any monthly “subscription” service. After 30 days, Member agrees that all payments collected are earned at the time of the payments receipt as all products are month to month. For the purchase of courses and digital products, not paid monthly, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee provided the student has not began the course. We reserve the right to prorate the refund, in the first 30 days, if the student has begun any course. Any physical product sold by us and returned within 30 days we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if the Member pays the freight and it is in resalable condition. Finally, any product or service digital or physical purchase as a referral from our website, a franchisor, or supplier/vendor, Member agrees that the refund, if any, will come from that third-party and Member indemnifies NFA of all liability. Buyer Beware.

If you pay money to a third-party listed on this website you do so by your own decision and therefore you agree to indemnify and hold NFA harmless and of no financial interest in that transaction.

Membership in NFA is a privilege and not a right or guarantee. NFA reserves the right to accept, reject, terminate without cause any Member of NFA. By using these Websites, you agree with all and part of these Terms and Conditions.

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