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SPECTRUM Advanced Markets, Inc. (SAMI) was formed in 1995 by Robert A. Needham & Associates which started in 1986. Dr. Robert A. Needham is a published author, speaker, national trainer, business advisor, strategic planner, visionary, analyst, and coach.  Dr. Needham is the inventor and author of Sharing Capitalism™, the Collaborative Value Exchange System (CVES), and pioneered the Collaborative Sharing Agreement (CSA) which is referred to as the “smarter contract.”

Dr. Needham is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.  He was part of the NASA Space Shuttle Power Flight and Ascent Team, Unified Space Command Operational Plans, and Requirements, and other classified space assets. Dr. Needham is a mathematician, computer scientist, Juris Doctor, has a Ph.D. in Business Administration and is a certified Instructional Systems Designer (ISD). 

Read about Dr. Needham’s book Escaping Economic Slavery.

Robert A. Needham, JD, PhD

Dr. Cheryl-Ann Needham, as Executive Vice President brings expertise as the author of Sound Alignment, public speaker and webinar trainer, strategy, team building, ministry advisory, and coaching.  

Through its Advisory Network, SAMI provides expertise in the Sharing Economy; On-Demand, Disruptive, and Agile Platforms; Business Strategy; General Business Development; Corporate Governance; Franchise Development; Non-Profit Development; Collaborative and Cooperative Development; and Forensic Analysis to an International and Domestic clientele. 

Dr. Needham has been the Chief Systems and Software Architect for innovative technology projects and software platforms such as: 

  • SiMPL™ System (Simulator, Collaboratory, and IP Innovation)
  • Collaborative Value Exchange System (CVES)
  • ATM Intercept Processing
  • FranTools
  • LogRx
  • Pharmacist Health Assessment Technology (PHATLink).

SAMI has assembled an Advisory Network of “independent” experts (collaborators) with a wide spectrum of skills. Many members of our Advisory Network have post-graduate education or in excess of 10 to 20 years of experience in their fields.

As project manager and integrator, SAMI assembles “tiger teams” from its Advisory Network to meet the custom needs of our clients.  This collaborative method results in a job well done at an affordable price from this elastic overhead and management approach.

We believe in concepts called the “Readiness Assessment” and “Sound Alignment” and use these tools to identify customer needs and match them with market capabilities.  Lastly, we recommend collaborative approaches that value the human tangible and intangible contribution as “assets”, not expenses. We help our clients develop compensation methods that reward all team members according to their pro-rata contribution so that revenue sharing, recognition, and rewards are balanced in the workplace. 

Note: SPECTRUM Advanced Markets, Inc. and Dr. Needham do not provide legal, accounting, or investing services. These services are provided by licensed professionals who may have joined our collaborative Advisory Network. If using their services, you will engage them directly under a separate agreement or engagement letter. SAMI does not receive referral compensation form licensed professionals. Dr. Needham does not practice as an attorney, he is a business advisor.


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