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Renue Systems is the leading provider of comprehensive deep cleaning services to the hospitality industry. Their industry expertise and strong reputation have resulted in preferred vendor partnerships with a number of international companies including Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Best Western, InterContinental and others. With more than 30 years of experience, they have developed tremendous industry knowledge and relationships to assist their 30 offices throughout North America and a growing number overseas. 

Specialized deep cleaning business that shines in the hospitality industry 

Established in 1991 in the US, Renue Systems is much more than a commercial cleaning services business. It’s a highly specialized brand that caters its services to the hospitality industry. At the core of Renue Systems is their dedication to provide customized deep cleaning services to meet the high standards of hotels, resorts and other hospitality venues, a customer base they know extremely well. 

Their services include carpet cleaning, tile & grout restoration and sealing, kitchen cleaning, banquet chair cleaning, marble and natural stone restoration, chandelier cleaning, mattress, TV & minibar recycling/replacement, pressure washing, PTAC cleaning, stain and burn repair, upholstery and drapery cleaning, vinyl tile restoration, luxury vinyl tile polishing, flood clean-up and more. 

Experience, reputation, reliability and flexibility matter when it comes to meeting the needs of the highly challenging and selective hospitality industry. This is why leading brands in the hotel sector have formed partnerships with Renue Systems as the preferred vendor for deep cleaning their properties. 

The Franchise Opportunity 

This is an owner-operator opportunity as their franchisees are responsible for managing a small team of technicians who carry out the work, leaving the franchisee to focus on building the business. One of the strong aspects of their business is that even our largest franchisees are able to operate with a small team which simplifies the business and enables them to focus less internally and more on growth. 

Cold calling is not required since Renue uses it relationships and resources to opens doors to hotels. 

Renue faces little competition as it has captured a leadership in a sector it helped create. 

Their Unique Selling Propositions 

Highly specialized brand - More than three decades of experience helping thousands of hotels in North America and around the world has turned Renue Systems into a recognized name in the hospitality industry.

Preferred vendor partnerships - The biggest hotel companies have formed long-term relationships with Renue Systems to provide deep cleaning services for their properties on an international level. 

Established reputation - Innovation and flexibility form the backbone of the Renue Systems approach to delivering a 5-star experience for its customers.

Strong barriers to competition - Experience, reputation, breadth of services and established partnerships within the highly challenging and selective hospitality industry set Renue Systems in a class of its own.

Large protected territories - Renue awards sizable territories, typically one franchisee per metro area. This structure enables franchisees to create large businesses with unlimited growth potential. 

Low cost of entry - Modest start-up cost and low overhead offer a potentially attractive return on investment potential.

Committed franchisor partner - Renue’s leadership is dedicated to helping its franchisees succeed and create responsive and individualized program – ranging from operations to sales to business building – to assist every step of the way. 

Ideal Franchise Partner 

Renue is looking for entrepreneurs to join their franchise team who think big and set realistic goals for their professional and personal futures. Their franchisees need to be able to manage a small team of technicians and more importantly enjoy building relationships with hotel managers. Cold calling is not required since Renue uses it relationships and resources to opens doors to hotels. 

Candidates do not need direct experience in cleaning services or hospitality as Renue will provide significant support to help them build customer relationships and maintain an efficiently run operation. 


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