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A Children's Educational Franchise of Your Very Own!
Welcome! Thank you for considering the Club SciKidz Franchise Opportunity. We feel there is nothing more rewarding than owning your own business especially when you are providing skills that will enhance the lives of young children and teens.

Club SciKidz is looking for Franchisees that share our commitment in providing high quality STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) camps and enrichment programs that promote an interest in science and technology. We accomplish our goals through National Science Standard lesson plans that provide hands-on activities and experiments.

Club SciKidz has been offering structured STEM-Based programs since 1997. We have evolved each year by adding new innovative curriculum for all of our many programs. We have a proven model of success. Our Club SciKidz team is committed to the future by offering high quality science themed enrichment throughout the United States.

According to several Franchising sources such as Franchise Direct and over $500 billion dollars will be spent each year on specialized products and services for children and teens.

 At Club SciKidz we believe there is nothing more rewarding than the education of our children... our future. We would like to share our vision with you!

Best Regards,

Bob & Sue Hagan


Business Overview

Franchise Since
# of employees at HQ
# of Units

Financial Requirements

Investment Range
$63,000 - $76,000
Net Worth Requirement
Cash Requirement
Royalty Fee
Ad Royalty Fee
Term of Agreement
10 Years
is franchise term renewable?
Yes, 2 5 year terms
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by Owners' Testimonials

“Being a business owner of Club SciKidz franchise there's a lot of freedom and flexibility in it. It's really nice for our family because our busy season is summer but summer is short. It's 10 weeks give or take. The rest of the year is much slower pace, and for our family, that works really well. Another thing I would say about Club SciKidz is that it's a really unique camp product. What I tell parents and my staff is that camps generally fall in a spectrum.”

“There's like recreational camps. Fun, fun, fun, physical activity camps, and then
there are academic camps where it's like we're going to work on our math, not that
exciting. We are right in the middle, and so we provide kids with a true campy vibe
where we have cheers and chants and we get to do outdoor games and we do
indoor games and we have team building activities and we have bingo and we have
all sorts of camp competitions. They're also learning. They are doing four hands-on
activities every single day in every single class of all of our options.”

“Parents are happy because their child is coming home knowing a lot more about
something than they did in the morning, and the kid doesn't even realize they're
learning so much because they're having a great exciting day. It's a really unique
camp. There is nothing else like this really in the country. I think that provides such
an amazing camp experience for the kid, a full service for our host, our sites and a
full-service camp for the parents too with options for all kids and their families. We
are blessed to have so many camp themes that parents can pick. Something that
matches every kid in their family and then everybody's happy.”

“After 30 years in manufacturing and manufacturing sales, you're often just dealing with a bunch of grumpy old men, right? This was small kids that were watching Mentos go into a Coke bottle and it shoots in the air and the oohs and the aahs. There's definitely that aspect of the end product being something very satisfying, which is a big selling point for me. Seeing the registrations start to come in and get the locations filled up, and then that first day of camp where you're just like,
"Oh my God, is this gonna work," and it does. It goes just fine, and then you finish
the summer, you take a big breath and get ready for the next cycle.”

“First and foremost, the curriculum that has been developed over the 20 plus years that this franchise has existed is outstanding. Our kids come away from these camps just saying they learned so much and how much fun it was. Our camp counselors love what they're doing and want to come back year after year. The product itself is fantastic.”

“The cash flow cycle on this is amazing because people pay for camps upfront. You don't have to start paying for materials and labor and sites until the summer. You're collecting registrations in the fall and all spring to the point where you're building up a nice cash reserve to pay off all your expenses in the summer.”

“Having worked full-time at the company, we saw the value it brought to the kids in our area. This was something we were passionate about and we thought a Club SciKidz franchise would be a good investment in our future. We are very happy we made that decision”

“We looked at a lot of different franchises and Club SciKidz stood out because of its extensive curriculum and program offerings.”

“We were former school teachers and worked during the summers as Club SciKidz camp directors until we became owners of our own franchise.”

“This was a great opportunity for my husband and I to purchase a children’s STEM business with an awesome curriculum and such a wide variety of real-world experiences for kids”

“Having your own business is hard work, but fun!!! I would like to keep doing this as long as I can and I hope you can join us too.”

“One of the most rewarding parts of owning a Club SciKidz franchise is establishing relationships with our parents and campers. Many of our campers return year after year”

“As an assistant professor in education, I was impressed with the projects and experiments, and the opportunity for some of the job training for our people. The counselors and the students have fun together as they share and learn about the world around them.”
“With the on-going support Club SciKidz provides and the continued development of programs, we really feel that we have a partner in our children’s business.”


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$63,000 - $76,000
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