Benefits of the Certified Franchise Advisor Course

Benefits of the Certified Franchise Advisor Course


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The course is designed to provide 5 areas of industry knowledge for the graduate, not just an overview of the industry and pre-screening/semi-match making skills. This provides the graduate with 5 potential areas of revenue streams for their businesses. 

The opportunity to become:

1.       franchise development specialists,

2.       franchise consultants/coaches,

3.       franchise sales advisors,

4.       suppliers,

5.       brand managers.

- The Certified Franchise Advisor Program takes consultation to a higher level with a focus on strategy and wealth building.

- This is accomplished through Instruction Systems Design (ISD) comprising of knowledge, skills and abilities measured through an exam.

- The program will require around 40 to 100 hours of class and study to complete.

-The CFA program utilizes Instruction Systems Design (ISD) to teach knowledge, skills and abilities that can be measured with an exam.

-With the CFA program, franchise ownership is seen as a path to above average income and sustainable wealth.

• As a Franchisor, engaging a Certified Franchise Advisor (CFA) is a great way to significantly increase the likelihood of closing a deal.

• CFAs are highly qualified and adept at closing deals due to their 7-step sales protocol.

• Unlike many industry brokers and consultants, the CFA will stay actively involved throughout the process beyond the introduction, which greatly increases the possibility of the sale closing.

•These CFA's have a 7-step sales protocol they follow to ensure the candidates introduced to your brand are thoroughly vetted and matched with you financially, psychologically, educationally, and with their trust in the CFA.

•This program stands out from other industry brokers and consultants who are trained to only do prospecting and pre-screening and are discouraged from participating in the process after the introduction.

•The Certified Franchise Advisor Program will offer franchisors premium, vetted candidates that will result in a greater return on investment.

• Certified Franchise Advisors (CFA) are highly qualified and able to close more deals than traditional industry brokers and consultants.

• Through this process Franchisees are matched with the brand financially, psychologically, educationally, and trust the CFA team to ensure a successful and beneficial fit.

• This decreases time wasted on unqualified candidates, shortens the sales cycle, minimizes opportunity cost, and makes the process more efficient, ultimately decreasing the associated lead conversion costs for franchisors.

• CFA's go beyond the traditional industry brokers and consultants who only do prospecting and pre-screening; they provide ongoing assistance and advice throughout the franchise journey.

• Certified Franchise Advisors (CFAs) use a proven 7-step sales protocol to guide the franchise process and are trained to close more deals.

• CFAs ensure that only well-qualified, motivated candidates are introduced to franchisors, decreasing time wasted on unqualified candidates and shortening the sales cycle.

• CFAs help minimize opportunity cost, make the process more efficient, and ultimately decrease Lead Conversion Cost (LCC).

• CFAs are invested in the franchise relationship from introduction to close, participating in the process and investing more time to support and guide prospective franchisees throughout the process.

• Compared to industry brokers and consultants, CFAs are better prepared to build a trusting relationship between franchisors and prospective franchisees, helping to ensure higher conversion rates for franchises.

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